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the feast of St. George

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

St. George is a popular saint, renowned for slaying a dragon and saving a princess. He is venerated as a vanquisher of evil and knight of justice, which is a more accurate description of the actual saint. He is also the patron of Russia, Turkey, and England, three fascinating countries.

When we were living in London, we thoroughly enjoyed attending the elaborate parade for the country’s patron. Armoured knights on horseback, princesses, and even the little lamb that the Princess was leading to be a sacrifice to the dragon marched through the streets of the city to the sound of marching bands and cheers. Festivals in pubs and churchyards continued the celebrations with special happy hours, games, and entertainment.

Given my experience in Russia, my lifelong love of Turkey, and my English husband, we make sure we celebrate the feast of St. George on the 23rd of April each year.

It is a great opportunity to dress up in knight or warrior or princess costumes and practice sword fighting or other skills useful in battling dragons. We hang our British and English flags, pray the litany of St. George, and process around the grounds. We read our books about the saint, sing British patriotic songs, and train our little warriors in their fighting skills. Not as grand as the parade through the City of London, but a lovely way to spend the day in honor of this heroic saint.

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