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love despite ugliness

Today at our last elementary art camp we read Beauty and the Beast – the classic fairytale that speaks of the great sacrifice required by love.

When Beauty’s father goes on his journey, all she asks of him is a rose, loving the simple and the beautiful. When the Beast demands her father’s life after her father steals a rose for Beauty, she is unselfish and Christ-like in her willingness to lay down her life to save that of her father. The Beast spares her life, however, and makes her the queen of the palace. As she gets to know him, she grows to love who he really is, looking past his hideous exterior. It is her sacrificial love that moves beyond his ugliness, breaks the evil spell, saves his life and transforms him into who he was created to be, mirroring Christ’s love for us.

We created paper roses, the symbol of the simple Beauty we are drawn to pursue when our souls are aligned with the will of God. We also explored our own imaginative concepts of the Beast, the symbol of fallen humanity, in various media.

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